Thursday, 16 July 2009

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They soon settled in at their new house and Dennis got a job and appeared to stay away from the drug scene. In the meantime around February 1970 my husband got himself and us into a lot of debt and he just walked out one day leaving me and the children to fend for ourselves.

I missed being able to see my Mum , I really needed her just now. My Dad suggested we get on a coach and go and stay with them for a couple of weeks, this sounded good so I did just that. My Mum said I should look for a mutual exchange from Hemel to Rotherham but I didn't want to unsettle the children so I said I would think about it.

We stayed for two weeks and Dennis asked if he could come and live with us as Mike had gone he said he could get a job and help out. It did seem a good idea and he promised not to touch drugs. So he went and booked another ticket for himself and off we went back to Hemel.

He was true to his word and got a job after a couple of weeks at the local butchers as an assistant , it was good because apart from getting free meat I could keep an eye on him. Things were going good.

Things were going really well for quite a while then one friday Dennis said he was going to meet a guy he worked with and they were going for a drink, I was really pleased it was good he was making friends. Guess what I didn't see him again until sunday evening looking under the influence and dishevelled, I ranted and raved at him but it was pointless as he wasn't on this planet so I pointed him in the direction of his bedroom and suggested he sleep it off.

I felt so let down, things had been going so well and I really didn't want my kids to see him in this state luckily they were out playing on this occasion.

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