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It was February 1969 and Dennis decided he was going back to live with my Mum and Dad, I tried to dissuade him but he said he would stay away from drugs. He said he really missed his mates and London life. I asked him to go and see Dr Green hoping he could change his mind but it didn't work. My Mum and Dad were worried they had been able to relax while Dennis was with us but I made them promise to throw him out at the first sign of trouble not wait until they were at the end of their tether.

The children would miss him as he took them on long walks and had made them really appreciate nature they had also had a lot of fun. Dennis had this knack of making everything fun. You could be feeling a bit down in the dumps and he would walk in and in 2 minutes everyone would be laughing. In spite of his drug problem he was a really nice guy and we all loved him.

Lorna wasn't too happy, she thought Dennis and her had a future, although she knew about his drug problem she still thought it might work, personnally I think it had happened for the best . She still came to see us and we became friends but she was a strange person difficult to understand.

Dennis got a job shop fitting and did seem to be staying away from drugs. My Mum and Dad found it difficult to be able to trust him again. They decided to go to Yorkshire to visit some relatives as they needed a break. All our family lived in Yorkshire. They were taking a chance leaving Dennis on his own but after all he was 21 yrs old they couldn't babysit him all the time.

When they got back everything did seem ok it was obvious to them that Dennis had mates around there was some damage to the front room door but not to bad. While they were in Yorkshire they went to visit my Mum's brother Doug and his wife and the house next door to them was to let they talked my Mum and Dad into making enquiries about it. They said it would be good for them to have lots of family around(my Mum was one of 13 children) also it would get Dennis away from the drugs. Guess what they decided to take it and a date was agreed so off they went home to pack.

My Dad sudenly noticed one day that the fire surround in the living room wasn't lined up properly and he tried to straighten it up but it fell out along with some jewellery
my Dad was really puzzled there were a couple of gold watches and some other bits and pieces and he said they looked really expensive. His first thought was Dennis what was he up to now. He quickly put it in a drawer and then Dennis walked in and the look of absolute horror on his face said it all. He said he was looking after it for a mate, my Dad said he would sell it and it would pay for them to move and have a bit in the bank. Dennis was now beside himself and said if he didn't return the jewellery he would be seriously hurt. He later admitted it was a drug dealers property who was going to pay Dennis in drugs for keeping it for him.My Dad lost it and said he had better return it and better not take any drugs or he would be out on his ear and wouldn't be going to Yorkshire with them and he would also make sure I wouldnt have him
Dennis took the stuff to his mate and my Dad made him empty all his pockets when he got backto make sure there were no drugs.

All too soon they were off lots of tears were shed. It was bad enough being 25 miles away now it would be 130 miles away still as my Dad said they had enough room to put us all up.

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