Friday, 24 July 2009

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Dennis decided against going into rehab and said he would get a job. He duly did it was at an engineering company it was working a night shift. Every night Lorna was making him sandwiches and he would leave for work at about 9.15pm ready to get there for 10.00pm. This went on for two weeks we were really shocked that he had stuck it this long. Friday came and Lorna asked about his wages and he said there had been a mix up and he would have to wait a few days.

My suspicious mind was working overtime had he really been going to work , as he was no longer getting his heroin from the Doctor how was he managing. Was he not going to work and going to London instead? this didnt add up as the shops he would have to shop lift from to get the money would be shut. Then I had this idea that during the day when Lorna was out and I was at work perhaps he did his shop lifting in our town centre and then instead of going to work he would go to London and score his drugs.

I rang the place he was allegedly working I was going to say Lorna had a problem with her pregnancy and he wouldnt be in that night but I was put through to personnel and they said no one of that name worked their. Perhaps my suspicions were not so far fetched. When I got home from work Lorna said she wanted to show me something, evidently one of the children wanted their bike out of the shed so Lorna went to get it and found a cosy little set up. A sun lounger with sleeping bag a couple of cups and the wrapping from the sandwiches Lorna made for Dennis each night and a candle and torch. Now we new why there were no wages.

Lorna said he had got up and gone out to try and sort out his wages at around midday it was now 6.00pm and he wasnt back, I wonder why. He arrived home at about 7.00pm very flushed and hyper no prizes for guessing where he had been. Lorna asked him if she should get his sandwiches and flask ready and of course he said yes. He also said he should get his wages the following friday the error had been sorted out. Off he went to work.

Lorna and I quickly ran downstairs and sat in the shed, it was really difficult for us to stop laughing but we had to as we were going to give Dennis the shock of his life. We heard footsteps then the door opened and Lorna and I just stood up and the look of sheer terror on his face was priceless. He asked how we new and Lorna explained. A heated arguement took place he was full of excuses but they didnt wash. I told him my theory and he said I was more or less right. I was really angry as I had lent them money on the promise of him getting wages but of course if there was no job then obviously there were no wages. I would be really short now we would all suffer. I made it quite clear to him that if he didnt get a job then they were out on there ears as I couldnt support them. Them two sitting at home and me out working no way.

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