Wednesday, 29 July 2009

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Dennis and Lorna went to look at the flat, I couldn't go as I was at work. When I got home from work they said it was a really nice flat and they had been to the council and accepted it..... thank goodness. They now had a big problem first Dennis had to go to court and second they had no furniture or anything.
I told them about a charity called Help they provided people in their position with furniture and pota and pans free, Dennis said they would go there the following day. I said I would sort out some bits and pieces and suggested Lorna also ask her Mum. She was still hardly eating and looked thinner if anything and she was about 5 months.
They did go to help and got a three piece suite, old but servicable and a bed and various chest of drawers . They were moving in the following monday and help said they would deliver the bits and pieces then. Just as this was all happening Dennis got a letter summoning him to court that friday, he was really concerned as he was sure he would get a custodial sentence and Lorna would be on her own.
Dennis went to court and Lorna and I were surprised to get a phone call from him saying he was on his way home he had been given a suspended sentence. His solicitor had piled on the agony of him having a pregnant wife at home and just being given a flat and the judge decided to give him a chance. Lorna didn't seem that pleased I think she had been looking forward to having the flat to herself. Their marriage to all intent and purpose was over.

Monday came and off they went , I was going to go and see the flat with my children after work that evening then I would go to my house and enjoy just me and the children. At the weekend I would give it a good spring clean. Lesley could now have her bedroom back.

Their flat was nice and bright and airy the furniture was a bit naff but it would do. They had also been given a cooker , washing machine and fridge not bad for freebies. Lorna's Mum had given her a few bits and some curtains which was a help. Back to normal , Lorna was on her own Dennis had gone to London to try and get his drugs and money as they hadn't got a bean I was really concerned I new they were heading for trouble. At least Lorna had been to the Doctors and he found out she had a urine infection and prescribed anti-biotics which I knew she wouldn't take it had happened previously and she had just kept it in the fridge said it made her feel sick. Perhaps because she was pregnant she would take it, I certainly hoped so.

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