Monday, 20 July 2009

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Dennis agreed to go and see Dr Green the following day to try and get into rehab. He admitted he had been on Heroin on and off , more on than off since before he went to Yorkshire. I was so angry with him if I had known this I would not have let him come back with us.

Lorna was round again she was definitely after Dennis I dont know why who would want a drug addict as a boyfriend. Dennis came back from seeing Dr Green he had agreed to help him. He was getting in touch with the home office to get permission to take Dennis on as a registered addict. This way Dennis would pick up a certain amount of ampoules of heroin from our local chemist every day, this way he wouldn't have to go to London to shoplift and score drugs this would help him to avoid getting caught by the police. Over time the amount of ampoules the doctor would prescribe him would reduce until eventually he would be weaned off them and then go on to Methadone a heroin substitute , which was if anything harder to get off but this was way down the line.

Dennis and Lorna started going out again, I was shocked I thought she was crazy and told her so but she said she loved him. It took about a week for the procedure for Dennis getting his daily dose of heroin to be put in place. I was a bit concerned because I thought Dennis had told Dr Green that he had been taking more than he really was and I was just going to wait and see if he started going to London again because he had no job anymore and I had a feeling that he would go to Piccadilly and try to sell the excess heroin to have some money in his pocket.

I really didn't like this, Dennis would be at the chemist when it opened then come home go straight to the bathroom and inject the heroin I would be downstairs and the thought of what he was doing made me feel awful and I didn't know if I could cope with it. Two or three days past and then he went out allegedly for a walk and he didn't come back until around 10.00pm that night with money. I challenged him and he eventually said I was right he had sold some ampoules in London. He said he had promised to take Lorna out for a meal so he needed money.

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