Saturday, 18 July 2009

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Monday morning came quickly Dennis would not get up, I tried and tried but he said he felt too ill to go to work. Lorna came round she was really pleased Dennis was here, why I dont know because at the moment I was so angry with him I could strangle him.
He got out of his pit at about 1.00pm and said he was going to the butchers and try to explain why he hadn't been to work this morning and would hopefully be able to work the afternoon. I was impressed this responsible attitude was completely out of character.
Time passed and he didn't come back so I assumed he had persuaded them to keep him on. Lorna stayed for lunch and I think she was hoping Dennis would be straight back but he showed no interest in her at all. He had barely said two words to her. I asked her if she would like to stay for dinner and she said she would.

The children came home and I started dinner expecting Dennis home at about 5.30pm it got to 6.00pm no sign of him Lorna said she would go and see where he was, she came back and said she had spoken to one of the lads in the butchers and they said he hadn't showed up today, they hadn't seen him since friday. I feared the worst I thought he had probably gone to London to score some drugs. I said to Lorna she should steer clear of him as he would never give up the drugs totally.

We had dinner and then she went home very disappointed but perhaps wiser. I was really fed up of waiting for Dennis not knowing where he was he could be laying in a gutter somewhere. It was a waiting game.

He arrived home at about 11.0pm as high as a kite I guided him to his room as there was no point trying to talk to him I would leave it until morning. I went through his coat pockets maybe not the right thing to do but I needed to know what was going on. In his pocket I found a syringe vitamin C tablets and various other drug parafinalia this told me he was probably on Class 'A' most likely heroin I was scared I couldn't send him back to my Mum and Dad they would not be able to deal with it so I was going to make him see Dr Green again to see if he would help again.

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