Friday, 31 July 2009

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A few weeks went by Dennis came over a couple of times and he said they were ok. He said Lorna wasn't taking the anti-biotics and he was getting concerned so I suggested he ring the Doctor and explain to him what was going on, he said he would. The children and I went to their flat two or three times but although we could hear someone inside they wouldn't open the door. I decided this was the last time I would walk to their flat it was quite a hike.

There was a knock at our door it was a saturday morning and I was pleasantly surprised to see Roy Dennis's mate from London, he thought Dennis was still in Yorkshire and came for his address. I explained he was now married with a pregnant wife and in a mess with the heroin addiction. He couldn't believe it and asked if I would take him to see Dennis. I saw this as my opportunity to perhaps get in their flat to see what was going on. I sensed trouble.

We knocked on the door but no one opened it then Roy called through the letter box and Dennis opened the door he was as high as a kite but we went in. I asked where lorna was and he said in bed so I went to see her he tried to stop me but I wasn't having that. She looked up from her bed and she looked terrible as white as a sheet and gaunt. She started crying and I could see she was in a bad state she was so thin even being about 7 months pregnant. She said Dennis wouldn't give her the anti biotics which I found hard to believe but he was in a drug haze. She said she hadnt had anything to eat for days again this wasn't unusual for her but she said Dennis wouldn't buy any. I really didn't know what was going on.
I went and asked Dennis what was going on and he said she refused food and had refused to take the medicine. I went and looked in the fridge and there was quite a bit of food and about 3 bottles of anti-biotics(liquid) as she said she couldn't swallow the tablets, It looked as though she couldn't or wouldn't take the liquid.

I was really concerned and decided to call the Doctor on our way home and let him deal with it as I couldn't figure out who was lying. Roy said he couldn't believe the state Dennis was in and wouldn't contact him again he said he would keep in touch with me and the kids and off he went.
Dr Green called at my house and said I had probably saved Lorna's life as she was near deaths door and had been rushed to hospital and was on what you called open order. He had called her Mum. He said he didn't think Dennis had withheld food and medicine he knew from previous incidents that she had a problem about food and medications. So Dennis had been given the benefit of the doubt.

Lorna's Mum wouldn't let either Dennis or myself visit and said it was our fault. Dennis went from bad to worse he spent all his time in London scoring drugs. The police came to my house looking for him as the gas and electric meters in the flat had been emptied and the few bits they had for the baby had gone. The fridge had also disappeared. Evidently Lorna's Mum had been to the flat and found it wrecked and as there was no evidence of a break in the police knew that this was Dennis's M.O. and as he had a suspended sentence he would if found guilty go straight to prison.

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