Thursday, 9 July 2009

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Saturday soon came round and I felt I knew a little more about 'the addict' I had been to the local library and found out quite a lot about dealing with an addict. One thing I found out for sure was we would need help and information from our G.P. but until we knew what types of drugs we were going to have to deal with I couldnt set anything in motion. Patience I don't do well.

As soon as we walked into my Mum and Dads house you could feel the tension they both looked to be at the end of their tether. I can only guess at what they had been through and began to wonder if we were doing the right thing by having Dennis with us......time would tell.

We had a good chat to my Mum and Dad before Dennis came in. I couldn't believe it he looked pale and drawn and grubby and couldn't look me in the eye. This wasn't my brother, he had changed beyond belief since I last saw him.

I asked him how he felt about coming to stay with us for a while and trying to get off the drugs, he said he wanted that more than anything as he knew he was causing my Mum and Dad a lot of hassle and he knew he wouldn't get away with it with Mike. One problem was my Mum was too soft with him he was her baby so she gave into him with money not realising she was helping to feed his habit. Mike also took him to one side and laid down some ground rules, this was done away from my Mum and Dad and me and the children it was man to man. Dennis agreed to the conditions Mike laid down but neither of us were under any illusions and expected that they would go out of the window quite quickly but both of us knew that my Mum and Dad couldn't take any more.

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