Thursday, 23 July 2009

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Lorna and Dennis were arguing all the time and I was getting really fed up of them and asked Dennis to have another word with Dr Green about getting a flat or something, he said he would.

Dennis continued saying his ampoules were breaking and I wondered just how long it would take Dr Green to realise he was being duped and stop giving him a prescription for the damaged ones. Dennis did go to see him about the flat and was told that the home office had told the Dr. that he was grossly overprescribing and that his licence was going to be revoked in a months time. So he told Dennis he would have to go in to a rehab centre for detox as he wouldnt be able to prescribe class 'A' drugs anymore. Dennis said he would but I expected that he would do his usual and stay perhaps one night then discharge himself as it was voluntary.

Then came the real bombshell Lorna said she was pregnant the poor child it didnt stand a chance. I said how could they be so irresponsible as to bring a child into this nightmare of a marriage. I couldnt believe Lorna's next words they were at least we will now get a flat.

Now all my children were in fulltime school I was going to get a job as I was finding it really difficult to manage on the money I got from DHSS and would prefer to work. Lorna said she would be there for when the children came out of school until I got home.

I got a job that was for just 8 weeks at the Dept. of Transport in the statistics dept. It was 9.15 to 5.00pm so I could get the children to school then Lorna would look after them until I got home.

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