Wednesday, 1 July 2009

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I was an only child until I was 10 yrs old and then along came my brother Dennis whom I absolutely adored. Due to my father being ill when Dennis was born he did not have such an amazing childhood as me but my Mum and I did try to compensate, possibly too much.

He was a good child growing up but when he got to about 16 yrs old things started to go wrong, by this time I was married and had one child. Dennis started staying out all night on a friday and didnt arrive home until sunday and would not tell my Mum and Dad where he had been but he certainly looked worse for wear.

This went on for several weeks and my Mum was getting really worried, so much so that when he went to work she searched his room and found a match box hidden in a pair of shoes inside were 2 tablets which she had no idea what they were.
She came to see me, we then still lived in Fulham We asked my local chemist what he thought they were and he said they were purple hearts , very popular at the moment but also illegal.
Mum couldnt wait to challenge Dennis. I can tell you my Mum was formidable when angry, poor Dennis.

He owned up to using these drugs at the weekends with his mates but promised it would stop from now on, he realised how stupid he was being. He was true to his word and didnt stay out at weekends.

Time passed I had now got three children and was living in a really lovely flat but on the 10th floor. This was not good having a 4yr old and 18 month old twins. We managed to get a mutual exchange to a house in Hemel Hempstead with a large garden and out in the sticks compared to Fulham.

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