Tuesday, 21 July 2009

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Dennis and Lorna came back from having their meal and said they had something to tell me and that was that they were going to get married as Lorna was almost 18 yrs old. I was too shocked for words I could not believe what I had just heard. I asked if they were out of their minds. Dennis addicted to heroin and Lorna had so many hangups it was a disaster waiting to happen.
They did not display any affection for each other at all. I asked where they were going to live and Dennis said with me for the moment until they got a house or flat.

I told them if that was the case they were both going to have to get jobs and pay towards food and rent etc.. of course they agreed to this but I had little or no faith at all. I kept trying to put them off but the following day they went to the registrars office in Berkhamsted where Lorna lived and fixed a date December 1970. Her Dad wouldn't give his consent to the marriage , she needed this as she was not quite 18 but her Mum signed the necessary forms to this day I cant understand her doing this. There was no love lost between mother and daughter for her not stopping her husband sexually abusing the children so I think she thought it would get rid of Lorna she would now be Dennis's problem. The blind leading the blind.

Dr Green also spoke to both Dennis and Lorna saying they should wait until Dennis was off the heroin but they wouldnt listen. He did say he would write a letter to the council after they were married to try and get them a flat on medical grounds.

The wedding was a farce, they both looked as miserable as sin, Lorna's Mum invited everybody back to her house for something to eat and drink. This was also a farce we were given a slice of some kind of cake and a cup of tea. If I had known that this was her idea of a wedding breakfast I would have done it myself.

We went home after about an hour and Dennis and Lorna sat on the sofa with about a 2 foot gap between them. You would have thought they had been to a funeral not their wedding. We were all starving so I went to prepare dinner. The only people showing any sign of excitement was the children.

The next morning the ritual started me getting the children off to school, the twins were now in full time school and Dennis going to the chemist. When I got back Dennis was in the bathroom and Lorna was in the kitchen making tea. When Dennis emerged all bright and flushed he said half of the ampoules had broken so he only got half his dose. He said he was going to see Dr Green to see if he could get them replaced. I was dubious I had a strange feeling he was pulling a fast one and intended getting replacement amps and going to Piccadilly to sell them as he was short of money. My suspitions were raised because he looked like he had had his full dosage as he was flushed and hyper. I could be wrong but I knew Dennis but did Dr Green. Obviously not because he wrote out a prescription for the ones that were 'allegedly' broken. Need I tell you we didnt see Dennis until about 10.00pm that night the first day of their honeymoon, he had money, so I had been right in my assumptions. He apologised to Lorna but she was having none of it and really tore into him. I couldnt believe it she said she thought with them getting married he wouldnt take drugs anymore, how naive can you be. I did tell her she was making a big mistake. They had only been married 1 day.

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