Tuesday, 7 July 2009

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Dennis and his friend Roy helped us move and what a day that was. It was November 1967 Dennis was now 19 yrs old my Mum and Dad believed he was again dabbling in illegal substances of some kind but he strongly denied it.

My Mum came over to Hemel to see us and it wasnt long before she broke down and said she was sure Dennis was back on drugs he had lost his job( he was an apprentice gas fitter) but wouldnt tell them why. He was staying out for days and came home acting drunk but my Mum and Dad thought it might have been the after effects of drugs but he said he had finished with all that. My Mum had also noticed that money had gone missing and some bits of jewellery not worth much but they meant alot to my Mum. She didnt tell my Dad because she thought he would tell him to leave the house and he was her little boy so she covered for him.

I told her she wasnt helping him by covering for him he needed professional help and to talk to their doctor and explain the situation.

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