Monday, 13 July 2009

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Mum and Dad were thrilled to bits with Dennis's progress and realised it was early days. Getting a job was a really good move also.

It was chaos Monday morning with me trying to get Lesley, my daughter, ready for school and Dennis in a bit of a panic starting his new job, as was to be expected. Dennis walked with Lesley and I as the bus stop was close to her school we wished him luck and off he went.

When he came home that evening he was full of it he had really enjoyed it. He had been put upstairs in the model department which is what he had hoped for. He was being shown the ropes by a young girl called Lorna .

He had his evening meal and then he went to see Dr Green for his counselling session. I did wonder if perhaps after a days work he might not go but thank goodness I was wrong. I bathed and put the children to bed and Mike, Dennis and I sat down for the evening and had a good chat about anything and everything, it was really nice. Mike even told Dennis how impressed he was with his progress.

Time passed, Dennis was still off the drugs and still at work, he had got quite friendly with the girl at work Lorna and had asked her out. The following week he asked if he could invite her round to our house one evening, of course I said yes and said she could have dinner with us.
She seemed a really nice girl she was tiny about 5ft. and about 17 yrs old. You could tell they really liked each other.

Lorna became a regular visitor to our house the children really liked her. I believe from what Dennis had mentioned she had a lot of problems resulting from being sexually abused by her father, this is something I find difficult to understand if you cant trust your Dad who can you trust. I felt so sorry for her. Dennis took her out now and again for meals and the pictures.

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