Wednesday, 8 July 2009

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We had been living in Hemel for about 3 months when my Mum came over and told us that Dennis was now really into drugs and had stolen a television and various other things from them and sold them for money for drugs. He was also very abusive and my Mum and Dad could`nt take it any longer. They were too scared to tell him to leave as he had no where to go and they couldnt bear to see him on the streets.

I said I would speak to my husband and see if he thought we could have Dennis here to live with us and perhaps being away from his so called mates might help us help him get off the drugs. My Mum was so relieved and we both hoped both Dennis and Mike would agree. There would have to be certain conditions. Dennis knew Mike wouldnt take any nonsense. We knew nothing about drug abuse.

When Mike came home from work I told him what my Mum had said and he agreed we would have Dennis here but we would want assurances that he would want to get off the drugs. At this time we had no idea what drugs he was abusing. One would assume he had progressed from purple hearts.

I had provisionally arranged with my Mum that if it was ok with Mike we would go to their house for dinner on the following Saturday and if Dennis agreed to our terms then he could come back with us. Not forgetting we had three young children who absolutely loved Dennis but we had to protect them.

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